Things have drastically become worse in the regrettable, ongoing family crisis involving “Good Times” legend John Amos’s family in the last week or two. The Amos family is generating headlines left and right due to the conflict between Shannon and K.C. Amos, John’s children, as you have all likely heard.

Shannon arrested K.C. over the weekend for allegedly threatening to kill her, which revealed further details about their apparent family conflict. Shannon is now talking about her brother’s recent arrest.

Shannon made the following comments in a statement that People Magazine released:

John Amos

In reference to her June allegations of elder abuse, [Shannon Amos] wrote, “My family and I continue to lawyer and fight for the proper care of my dad,” in a statement given to Parade on July 19.

her brother, Shannon expressed her satisfaction that Kelly is being held responsible for his actions that put her father’s health in danger. She also looked forward to privately resolving the matter with the appropriate authorities. According to a complaint obtained by People, her brother was arrested over the weekend after allegedly sending seemingly threatening messages to Shannon.

Shannon claimed she was made to “fear for her life” by K.C. Amos.

John Amos

Before Shannon made her public statement on July 19, 2023, a court document pertaining to their case disclosed what she said to West Orange, NJ police when she reported K.C. Amos’s purported threats against her:

Through TMZ Shannon reported to the West Orange, NJ police that her brother had texted her, showing off a revolver and a rifle, about his alleged gang membership. She alleges that he also sent her videos of him shooting a pistol in a public area along with the message, “Big sis, I’m going to sleep much better tonight.”

to Robert Florida, an Essex County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman… According to Shannon, K.C. has bipolar disorder, which has made him think that she hired someone to kill him. As a result, she’s worried that he would take revenge.

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