Tempestt Bledsoe, who played “Vanessa Huxtable” on The Cosby Show, and Darryl M. Bell, who played “Ron Johnson, Jr.” on A Different World and “Big Brother X-Ray Vision” in Spike Lee’s School Daze, detailed their decades-long friendship.

Fans know the famous 90s actors, who started dating in 1993, five years after Tempestt appeared on A Different World, have been together for decades. They’re not married, even though they’re a typical pair.

Some don’t realise they’ve been happily unmarried for 29 years. How is this possible? Their selection has an intriguing reason.


In a previous V-103 interview, Darryl said, “If it ain’t broke…” despite living together for years. When Tempestt and Darryl appeared on Househusbands of Hollywood a few years ago,

When Darryl said he wanted to be her “Oprah” and a “Stedman,” it was evident that he was happy being unmarried to Tempestt.

but that he was fine with Tempestt earning money while he took care of home. Darryl has a great sense of humour, so we’re not sure if that “Stedman” comment was a joke.

Darryl previously told Entertainment Tonight why their unique, live-in relationship works:

I think making each other laugh is crucial. Have you noticed that the ugliest stand-up comedians have the cutest girlfriends? “Make a woman laugh, and you’ll win her heart,” he added. I support the institution. I always say you never know what will happen 20 minutes from now, but we are happy and have been happy, so we will see what happens.”


She won’t reveal Tempestt and Darryl’s storybook plot, claims People. Explained. Bledsoe teases, “I wouldn’t say never, but we feel terrific about the way things are.” She’s content. Hollywood is a harsh business, especially for young people, she explains. “I feel lucky.”

Okay, “Vanessa” and “Ron Johnson” are doing things their way! Their 30-year relationship has outlasted numerous famous marriages, so they must be doing something right.

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