Chicago – (MaraviPost) -The man who marries his eldest daughter will receive US$10 million from former world boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Tyson, who was up in a neighborhood full of squalor, has always enjoyed fighting.

He dropped out of high school to fight in a few minor boxing bouts. He then received assistance from the dignitaries.

Tyson has been favored by numerous attractive women since he gained notoriety. He has been married three times and has a large family.
Mitchell is the oldest of his daughters. Tyson has always been concerned about the marriage, especially because the oldest daughter has already reached marriageable age.

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Tyson offered his daughter $10 million for her wedding, hoping to find her a boyfriend.

He could keep the ten million dollars as long as he married her daughter.

As it happens, Mitchell in the photo carries on her father’s traits.
Similar to a female Tyson, she has dark skin, a large frame, and weighs 150 kg.

You can see why the internet community is reacting this way after viewing the images of Tyson’s daughter.

Ultimately, the majority of men choose to wed women who are smaller than themselves.

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