Whoopi Goldberg startled “The View” audience this week when the co-host left the stage during a live event, after vocalist Miranda Lambert’s recent interruption of one of her concerts to chastise concertgoers for taking pictures during the show.

Whoopi Goldberg was kidding, even though many had hoped otherwise as she left the stage.

Videos of Whoopi Goldberg leaving “The View” went viral as Miranda Lambert and the co-hosts discussed it, and the entire thing left many critics wishing for a few subtle moments.

Context: Miranda Lambert became the buzz of the town after she interrupted her performance to yell at a few fans who were trying to take selfies while the show was going on.

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The Miranda Lambert concert tickets were undoubtedly expensive, and attendees frequently take photos with their phones to share on social media or keep as souvenirs.

The co-hosts of “The View” talked on a variety of topics, including whether or not concertgoers should snap pictures and if Miranda Lambert should have stopped her performance to yell at the crowd.

Whoopi declared, “I’m leaving y’all,” as she got up and moved toward the crowd in response to a mishmash of opposing opinions.

In addressing Miranda Lambert’s controversial stance, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin made an effort to address all points of contention.

Griffin contended that Lambert shouldn’t make fun of those who came to see her sing if they are merely taking pictures and aren’t interfering with the performance.

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Whoopi Goldberg then adds her two cents, saying that it is rude of the fans to take pictures. “They came to see her, they paid for the tickets, so she’s singing,” Whoopi said. [Exhibit] a minimal level of deference… Recognize that both she and you are able to see her. As another host, Sara Haines, pointed out, the audience members Miranda Lambert shouted at for taking pictures were standing extremely near to the stage. But did the well-known singer really need to scream at them, stop the show, and create a scene?

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