Social media users are startled that well-known rapper Kanye West posted a contentious video purporting to feature his ex-wife Kim Kardashian at Diddy’s “Nasty Freak0ffs” event.

The moment Kanye West posted the video to his social media accounts, it immediately gained a lot of attention from online forums and news outlets. In the brief clip, Kim Kardashian is shown attending a wild and boisterous party where intimate moments are probably bound to occur uninhibited.

The “Nasty Freak0ffs” event has angered and alarmed a lot of people because it is notoriously costly and has no restrictions on what can be said. Kim Kardashian’s role in this film has sparked even more controversy because she and Kanye West are still divorcing.

a lot of individuals have swiftly criticised Kanye West for his actions. They contend that the disclosure of this film is damaging to their marriage in addition to being an infringement on Kim Kardashian’s privacy.

However, some believe that this may be part of Kanye West’s current scheme to draw attention and stir up controversy.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had not commented on it at the time article was written. However, in the coming days, everyone will be anxiously awaiting their response.

The personal lives of celebrities frequently pique people’s curiosity. The distribution of this film raises the question of where, in the era of social media, to draw the line between public criticism and privacy.

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