Comedian Mo’Nique didn’t hold back when discussing her continuing conflict with streaming behemoth Netflix and pointed the finger at some of the industry’s most influential figures in a recent interview that made headlines in Hollywood.

Though some may have assumed the conversation would center on past Hollywood scandals, Mo’Nique instead brought up her more current conflict with Netflix.

She didn’t hold back while discussing the boycott she initiated, citing her own unequal wages as the catalyst.

took aim at prominent figures including Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, and Lionsgate. According to her, their actions conveyed a very obvious message: “We will terminate your employment if you don’t comply with our requests.”

This powerful speech demonstrates the ways in which authority functions in Hollywood and what people believe will happen if they break the norms.

Larger discussions over racial and gender equality in the entertainment industry are similar to Monique’s choice to speak out against what she perceives to be unjust pay disparities.
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