On social media, people are reminiscing about a significant occasion when Kris Jenner set up a DNA test to refute speculations regarding Khloe Kardashian’s father and her potential relationship to O.J.

Simpson. In her autobiography, “Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian,” Kris Jenner recalled this incident. It depicts a difficult period for the Kardashian family.
Rumours regarding Khloe’s biological father began when Kris Jenner revealed about her affair in her memoirs.

Kris was determined to stop the rumours, so Khloe consented to a DNA test.

Fans, however, anxiously awaited the outcome, which Khloe’s refusal to disclose never revealed, and it caused stress in the family.
Following O.J. Simpson’s recent death, there has been a surge in social media conversations and demands for information on Khloe’s paternity.
Many people are curious as to the veracity of the rumours since the DNA test hasn’t been finished.

On social media platforms like X (previously Twitter), users discussed the episode and exchanged ideas and memories.

Some people took offence with the lack of closure. Someone commented that the test findings were too ambiguous because Khloe didn’t take it.

Others chuckled as they recalled the conflicts and family issues that were displayed throughout the occasion.


individuals applauded Khloe for putting her identity and family ties front and centre amid all the claims.
Fans discussed Khloe’s reliance on her parents and the degree to which she resembles her father, Rob Kardashian.

There is renewed curiosity in this unresolved aspect of the Kardashian family’s past. This demonstrates the fascination of well-known tales.

Despite the passage of time, people are still drawn to the story. It demonstrates how the Kardashian-Jenner family can maintain their cohesiveness and strong sense of self in the face of widespread criticism.

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