One of the most well-known singers of his time is Stevie Wonder. Soon after his birth, the gifted musician with a lovely voice went blind. However, he has never allowed it to interfere with his music.

The musician usually wears his trademark sunglasses while he is out in public. However, images of the artist wearing sans sunglasses are currently going viral.

Stevie Wonder’s vocal abilities have garnered numerous awards. Several Grammy Awards and even an Academy Award for his musical services to motion picture business are among them.

Millions of people worldwide believe the singer to be a legend, and she certainly is.
The musician, who is currently 72 years old, has been in the public eye since he was just 13 years old. Many, meanwhile, had never seen the singer without her shades. Since he had suffered from blindness soon after birth as a result of unlucky events. Due to her early birth, the vocalist required incubation. He became blind as a result of the oxygen being pumped into his incubator damaging the blood vessels behind his eyes.

However, he has never allowed his impairment to prevent him from reaching greatness. The vocalist could play the drums and piano by the time she was nine years old!
His photos without sunglasses are now going viral. A footage of the singer from his 1989 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has made a comeback. As the musician gives his induction speech into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, photographers have been snapping shots of him. The singer may be seen in the video not wearing sunglasses.

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The musician makes his first appearance in the address wearing his trademark black glasses. He motions for everyone to get quiet. and removes his shades. He asks the audience to close their eyes for a little while as he shares a personal story with them.

“The experience of hearing numerous voices from various cultures across the globe.” He continues by discussing the numerous musicians and genres of music that exist worldwide.

“That voice, that instrument sounds so wonderful; that spirit is so wonderful,” the singer continues. “Through the eyes of our ears, we see the beauty of hope, we see the beauty of pain, and we see the beauty of sorrow because through all of those, through even the pain and sorrow, the hurt, the poverty, the war, and the destruction, we see the beauty of the God within us.” And when we close our eyes and consider that… Please, God, grant us the ability to play and sing forever.

In a poignant address, he emphasizes the value of appreciating and experiencing the beauty of music.


Stevie Wonder is incredibly gifted. We are incredibly appreciative that he gives us access to his wonderful voice and talent. Spread the word about this composition to other music lovers so they can learn more about him!

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