At least he appears in this Friday’s release of the new comedy “Not Another Church Movie.” The well-known director and his cast of actors are just having fun in this lavish satire.

“Your honor, I’m so sorry to have caused you trouble this morning,” says Kevin Daniels in the role of Madude. All of this might now be discarded. “Permit me to share a tale with you about my cousin Vageena.”
Madea isn’t pleading her case in court like that. Kevin Daniels plays the character of Madude in “Not Another Church Movie.” He was eager to get started and was thrilled about the work.

Kevin Daniels: “Guy, I was like, ‘Wait, somebody is going to make a movie that makes fun of all the Tyler Perry movies, and they want me to be in it?'” after reading the story. “Yes, kindly, kindly, kindly!”

He didn’t have to pretend to be thrilled about the job.

“Well, I watched these films when I was a kid,” said Kevin Daniels. I like seeing all the bizarre characters he created when I was younger.

Additionally, Kevin portrays Tyler Perry in a role named “Taylor Pherry.”
Taylor Pherry, played by Kevin Daniels: “I feel very blessed today.”

There is a slight discrepancy between the pronunciation and spelling of his name.

“What is the reason, Counselor Pharry?” in the role of Judge L’Oreal, Vivica Fox.

“It’s pronounced Harry, Taylor Harry where the P is silent,” says Kevin Daniels in the role of Taylor Pherry.


was asked by Fox, who plays Judge L’Oreal, “You got that?”

It’s true, your honor—his P doesn’t work, Mary replied, played by Lydia Styslinger.

Over the entire film, there are numerous entertaining acts. In the role of Judge L’Oreal is Vivica A. Fox.

Judge L’Oreal, portrayed by Fox, exclaimed, “Damn it, case closed.”

Micky Rourke portrays the antagonist.

Mickey Rourke, portraying the antagonist, observed, “The Devil is in the Details.”

And Jamie Foxx is the ideal option for the role of a suave god.

God, played by Jamie Foxx: “I usually take today off, but I’m in the mood to do something.” Holy Davidson is the hashtag for this page.

Jamies’ The Almighty wasn’t the director’s initial choice.

John Mack informed Queen Latifah, saying, “Hey, I want to give this to her.” I hope she gets to play God. Jamie read the narrative to Johnny Mack and said, “You know what? Latifah is, in my opinion, overly busy. I’ll fulfill my duty to God.

As soon as Tyler Perry walked in, Kevin fell in love. The fact that he played Madea’s identical sister Madude has just made him more puzzling to him.

“The heat, the makeup, and all of this body suit and wig stuff!” stated Kevin Daniels. I wondered, “Does he do this for every movie?” after being amazed.

Madude, played by Kevin Daniels: “Oh no, I’m going to get your money.”

Know what’s in store for you? “This petrol money is yours,” Deacon Randle, who played Marcus, stated.

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