While filming the Limitless documentary series, Hemsworth confronted his own mortality. He achieved this by undergoing numerous genetic testing. According to one test, the actor who plays Thor has an 8–10 times higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than the general population. This is due to a genetic vulnerability that increases his risk of contracting the illness.

Hemsworth announced that he will be spending time with his family once the news broke. He maintains that the memories he creates with his loved ones are what will matter most in the end, despite the fact that he is aware that this moment will pass. “I think my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to remember what I’ve done in life or who my wife and children are,” he stated in response to a question about his greatest dread.

learned from his wife that unity makes a person stronger.

Hemsworth’s mother of three children, Elsa Pataky, has been married to the actor for nearly 13 years. She brought tears to everyone’s eyes on a special episode of Limitless. After Hemsworth expressed his fear of ageing and how it worsened after learning about his health, the stars devised a scheme. Pataky was given contemporary special effects to make her appear fifty years old. She purposely did this to see how her spouse would respond. Despite her desire for Hemsworth to not perceive her as weak, she behaved as though she was.

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Instead of meeting an older admirer at the senior dance, Hemsworth went on a date with his 87-year-old wife. The public figure recognised Pataky immediately and became moved upon seeing her. The pair acknowledged that it would be difficult to witness such a significant shift without years of preparation. “I want those years to be shared with you,” Pataky remarked to her spouse. We have to remember that.
The well-known actor gained insight from the therapy that he is not the only one ageing and that as long as he has his life partner, everything would be alright. Hemsworth claimed that the fact that he was approaching that age by himself was what most alarmed him. Scary things become less scary when you have individuals you care about nearby or someone with whom to communicate. I am getting a lot less narrow-minded as a result.

Despite having Alzheimer’s, Pataky is confident that her husband won’t forget this time. He could be able to recall her from when she was younger even if he is unable to recall her features in the future. Pataky remarked, “I think this is a moment that we will always remember.” I had no idea that would mean as much to me as it did. I felt quite safe and it was very wonderful.

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