The Colorado Buffaloes head coach, Deion Sanders, has been admitted back to the hospital.

He is known as “Coach Prime,” and blood clots have been causing problems for him in his legs and feet. His entire leg was meant to be amputated due to a genetic condition, but he has only lost two toes thus far. His admirers are eager to watch how his major surgery turns out.

In a Friday tweet, Pat McAfee announced that Deion Sanders will need emergency surgery the following day to remove a blood clot from his groyne. You can, Coach Prime from #PMSLive. What McAfee had been told by Adam (Pacman) Jones was discovered by a third party. According to Jones, on June 22, Sanders raced into surgery at six in the morning.

has been a lot of bad news recently regarding Coach Prime’s health, and this is just the most recent. He stated that he anticipates losing his leg above the knee in 2021 because blood clots run in his family. The well-known football star was eager for it to end at the time so he could move on with his life.

He was in a wheelchair once. After his amputations, his health appeared to be improving, so his supporters are hoping that his most recent surgery won’t render him permanently incapable.

On Thursday, Sanders said on Twitter that he had seen the doctor the previous day and was informed that he had two blood clots in his leg. My right leg had the first one, and my left hip had the second.

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