A startling revelation in Willie Nelson’s most recent biography alarmed his friends and family once more. After much anticipation, the book “Me and Paul: Untold Stories of a Fabled Friendship” was released this month.

It concerns Paul English, who gained international recognition as a result of the song “Me and Paul.” In the song, Willie Nelson sings about Paul. Paul served as his manager, bodyguard, drummer, and friend in addition to these roles. Similarly, the narrative highlights Paul’s significance in Willie’s life.

Willie Nelson discusses his seventy-year acquaintance with Jackson in his most recent book. He says something horrible as well. He related to them an incident in which he attempted suicide.


mentioned that Willie had told them about a particularly awful time he felt awful at a bar. He thought that by placing his head on a train track, he would be able to relax. He attempted to end his life in this way.

After a half hour or so, he returned to the bar for additional drinks. His song “Seven Spanish Angels” became quite popular in 1961 and greatly aided him in his career. He had difficulties, but he managed to overcome them.

One unnamed source claimed that Willie put in a lot of effort because he was terrified of losing everything. He appears to be more interested in dying singing on stage, which is what he loves doing than taking his own life.

Willie Nelson has no intention of quitting music. He stated to the media that he isn’t ready to give up just yet. He doesn’t want to consider giving up at this time.

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Williamie expressed to Parade his desire to avoid contemplating his remaining time on the planet. He want to have a fulfilling life and improve it.

He wrote a song titled “Pay for the Day.” It implies that you must earn some money today. Willie enjoys getting up and moving to exercise. He discovered that singing is beneficial to his lungs as well. Especially now that he’s stuck inside, he really wants to sing.

When asked what brought him joy, Willie replied that it was thinking positively—something he himself did when faced with difficulties.

In spite of these obstacles, Willie intends to continue performing live for a few more years.

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