A copy of the case was obtained by Rolling Stone. According to Jane Doe and her friend, they met Hall and Diddy at an event hosted by MCA Records, the label that distributes Uptown Records, in New York. According to the report, Combs and Hall gave Jane Doe and her buddy drinks all night long and were very flirtatious and sexual with them.

As the evening was nearing to an end, Combs and Hall are reported to have asked the women to return to Hall’s apartment for an afterparty. According to the police report, Combs coerced Jane Doe into having sex with him and offered her additional drinks when she was at Hall’s apartment. “After Combs finished his business, Jane Doe lay in bed, shocked and traumatised.” When Jane Doe was getting ready, Hall entered and pinned her down. And with that, he forced her to have sex.


to the lawsuit, Jane Doe fled Hall’s home as soon as she was allegedly raped. According to the report, the other woman “had been forced to have sex with Combs and Hall in another room” when she later spoke with her friend.

The documents state that Combs switched with Hall following his separation with Jane Doe “based on information and belief.” Combs is reported to have gone to the residence where Jane Doe and her friend were staying a few days after the alleged attacks and turned violent.

“He got angry and started beating and choking Jane Doe until she passed out,” the lawsuit said. Combs was hunting for Jane Doe’s companion because he thought she might tell the girl he was seeing what Hall and he had done to them.

addition to Hall and Combs, the lawsuit names MCA Music Entertainment and Geffen Records as defendants. On Friday, assistance requests were not immediately answered by Hall and Combs employees. According to the report, Jane Doe sought medical attention “to heal from the trauma Combs and Hall caused her” and “told her close friends and family about what had happened.” Supreme Court of New York County received the lawsuit filing.

This new lawsuit marks the third one filed against Combs in the final days before the Adult Survivors Act’s one-year expiration date. After the statute of limitations had passed, anyone who claimed to have been sexually attacked might file new charges. R&B singer Cassie filed a formal complaint against Combs on November 16 alleging that she had repeatedly slapped her, sold her sex, and raped her. Diddy and Cassie reached a private arrangement the following day.

Early on Thursday, a second woman filed a lawsuit alleging that in 1991, while she was a Syracuse University student, Combs drugged and sexually assaulted her. She claims that Combs captured the incident on camera and distributed the footage, which she referred to as “revenge porn.” Diddy’s representative refuted the accusation, calling it “made up and not credible” and “a money grab.”

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