The recently unearthed footage of Jane Fonda travelling around New York City on February 14 captivated everybody. Despite approaching her 87th birthday, Fonda’s timeless style makes her appear youthful.

She effortlessly pulls off a traditional trench coat, a cornerstone of French fashion that accentuates a woman’s beauty and slims the silhouette. She looks years younger thanks to her attire, which includes a bright orange scarf and matching bag.

Fonda emphasises that she wants to continue being independent and participating in everyday activities like playing with her grandchildren and taking care of her possessions on her own.

Fonda emphasises the value of staying active while acknowledging the changes that occur with ageing in her reflections on her exercise regimen.

Even though Fonda no longer follows her previous workout regimens, she still finds time for walks and mild weightlifting, demonstrating the value of staying active even when your body can no longer perform all the tasks it used to.

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