John Legend and Chrissy Teigen discussed their difficult experience of losing a baby before they welcomed their third child.

At last, they announced to the world that they were welcoming their fourth child in a unique way. Continue reading to learn more about how they announced their son’s birth to the world on Wednesday.

By carrying their embryos, a woman by the name of Alexandra assisted the couple in becoming parents. To show their gratitude for all of her assistance, they took on a very special project.
Alexandra is the most loving, kind, and amazing surrogate they could ever hope for, according to Christy’s blog post. After their conversation, Chrissy was immediately certain that Alexandra was the appropriate person for them. She desired to become friends with Alexandra, play with their children, share supper with them, and even rest her head on Alexandra’s pregnant abdomen to experience the hiccups and movements of the unborn child. Chrissy wished Alexandra and her family a long and happy life together.

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Chrissy mentioned that Alex had to go through a lot to prepare for a second attempt to help them become parents. Alexandra had to deal with the psychological effects of her surgery in order to allow them to become parents.
Chrissy was carrying their daughter Esti at the same time as Alexandra was born. The news that Alexandra was expecting a boy excited everyone. They celebrated by watching Vanderpump Rules and eating hot pot. According to Chrissy, both families have merged into a single, large mixed family during the past year.

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Chrissy then revealed on Instagram on June 19 that she had witnessed her buddy and surrogate give birth. She spoke of the courage, excitement, and love she witnessed throughout the birth and added that despite some chaos, it was a lovely moment.

To express their gratitude for using her as their surrogate, Alex, Chrissy, and John did something truly unique. “Alexandra, we want to thank you for this wonderful gift you gave us,” Chrissy uttered. We can’t wait to introduce him to everyone. Wren Alexander Stephens, that is his name, will be associated with you forever.

Luna and Miles are their two elder children already. They welcomed Esti, their third daughter, six months ago. In addition, John Legend posted a photo of himself, his spouse, and their newborn daughter, referring to her as “Wren Alexander Stephens, our new love.”

The new infant appears to be a big hit with the family. We wish them all the best! You can share this wonderful news with your family and friends on Facebook.

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