In public, Alexis Skyy has acknowledged that she remained silent as her friend forced Yandy Smith and Mendeecees’ marriage to terminate.

It took place a few days back. Skyy was sitting next to a guy buddy during a live stream who said that Mendeecees cheats on Yandy.

“Since they appeared on “Love & Hip Hop,” Mendeecees has been unfaithful to Yandy. I am aware of a few women he was eyeing around a year ago,” he claimed. I’m here to break the news to you: Yandy no longer excites him.

Alexis Skyy Took THIS Action Following What Took Place.
Occasionally giggling at her friend’s charges, Alexis began her address by apologising.
I want to start by apologising to Mendeecees and Yandy for discussing their marriage. Although I didn’t say much, it wasn’t appropriate for me to be there. “We had a great time talking about different things live, but I don’t even do things like this. I’ve been working on myself for the past two years.”

Alexis added that she had no idea her friend would bring up the allegations, calling it “very unaware.” She stated unequivocally, “There’s no excuse for what happened.” Furthermore, Alexis Skyy declared it to be “wrong” since she permitted it to occur on her programme.

“I feel terrible, and right now, I don’t know what more I can say.” However, I should apologise to you both, Skyy said.

See what Alexis’s friend said by scrolling do

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