If you were to compare renowned movie characters, James Bond would be tough to top. Part of the reason the Bond characters have kept us captivated for so long is that they frequently switch up the main character.

It’s time to select a replacement for Daniel Craig, who is leaving his role as James Bond. Tom Hanks is not the only person with an opinion on the matter. He truly believes he has made the finest decision.
Tom Hanks is no stranger to the silver screen, of course. Even if he didn’t play James Bond, fans still adore him for his roles as Forrest Gump and Castaway.

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In addition to his two Academy Awards, he is currently working on a book titled The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece.

The BBC recently had an interview with Hanks during which they posed some thought-provoking questions. Many of them focused on his future book and amazing cinematic career, while some asked him unconventional questions.
“Who do you think possesses the suitable qualities to portray the next James Bond?” the interviewer asked Hanks.

Many actors have taken on the role of the character throughout the last six decades. Among them were Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Sean Connery, David Niven, and George Lazenby.
After giving it some thinking, Tom Hanks responded, “I believe James Bond has a licence to kill.” Just based on the incredible work I’ve seen from him, I would give Idris Elba that licence.

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The former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan agreed that this would be a good fit as well. In a 2021 interview with People, he made this statement: “Idris Elba immediately comes to mind.” He has a wonderful voice and a remarkable presence. He would be

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