May reassures Madea that what she appears to be a small child wearing a white frock is not what she sees. Claiming to have seen a girl, Madea slams on the brakes and barely avoids an accident. May believes it was just an illusion of Madea’s imagination, but Madea is certain it was a deer. They fight over what Madea might have hit.

The atmosphere abruptly becomes solemn when Madea hears what appears to be a small child sobbing. May begs Madea to stop and look into it, but Madea is terrified.
A fight breaks out, during which Madea is called a coward by May. Eventually, Madea gives in, and they both exit the vehicle to look around.

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May is reluctant to go back in the car, but Madea persists in asking her to. Madea screams out to May as she goes farther into the forest.

May discovers a small child who appears to be hurt as she lies on the ground. May is adamant about assisting the girl even though Madea tells her that giving her water won’t help.

Madea tries to talk May out of leaving the girl behind because she seemed uneasy about the circumstances. Madea is accused of having a criminal record by May, who also cautions her that they must assist the youngster.

May is lifted into the air by an invisible force, which intensifies the predicament. Madea tries to drag May to safety while screaming for her to come back down.


runs into the woods, crying out in terror. Madea screams out to her, but May doesn’t come.

Madea realises that the automobile won’t start when she frantically tries to get back in it. She finds herself abandoned and terrified by the side of the deserted road.

When the video concludes, Madea is running around, wondering where May has disappeared and what kind of dangers might be hiding in the shadows.

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