Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber shared a cute kiss in a Coachella video.

There might be writing and a photo of five people.

Jaden Pinkett Smith, the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, can be seen approaching the pop star from behind in an Instagram video posted by TheShadeRoom.
Before sharing a kiss, the two men dance next to one another and whisper to one another.

The movie was heavily shared throughout the weekend on X/Twitter and Instagram.

The childhood pals didn’t collaborate on the successful song “Never Say Never” until 2010.


25-year-old Jaden has already acknowledged that he is gay or bisexual. On the other hand, Justin, 30, has been dating 27-year-old beauty Hailey Bieber for a considerable amount of time.

X Twitter fans praised Justin and Jaden for establishing a social norm wherein boys can express admiration for one another.

A single tweet that said, “I’m going to be honest…,” might have been a picture of two persons. “F**k toxic masculinity; I like it when guy friends show affection for one another.” They ought to give you a hug and a cheek kiss as if I were your brother.

“I adore it when males aren’t scared to get intimate with one another. It’s beneficial to the soul,” another person wrote.
Another person said, “Bromance at its finest!!!!”

Rappers Meek Mill and NLE Choppa gained notoriety recently for declaring they were straight. According to a case, Meek Mill was one of Sean Combs’s childhood toys, which prompted him to lash out on Twitter and X/X.

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NLE Choppa also labelled himself a terrible b*tch in a new song called “Slut Me Out 2,” and he blasted a fan for calling him ghey.

“If I was a bad b*tch, I’d want to f**k, suckle, and slut me too,” he raps.

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