One of the key moments of their marriage was revealed in an episode of Jada’s Red Table Talk. The couple openly discussed Jaden Smith’s battle with malnutrition in May 2018. Jaden had become a vegetarian, but he was experiencing health issues that raised concerns for his safety. When Dr. Mark Hyman was called in to assist, he discovered that Jaden’s diet included things that made him sensitive to cheese and gluten. People began discussing Jaden’s diet and health after hearing the news, and the Smith family publicly addressed the issues.

According to Willow Smith, Jaden and the black community “shunned” them.
Jaden’s health wasn’t the only issue he was facing. Later on, he also discussed his issues with mental health. He employed a novel approach to treating these issues, utilising mushrooms to help people discover who they are and dismantle internal barriers. Jaden revealed that his clothing line, “Trippy Summer,” which caters to those who don’t fit in and are on their own adventures, was inspired by mushrooms, despite the fact that this statement was contentious.

The public narrative around the Smith family has long been fraught with controversy. Jaden, who is renowned for voicing his thoughts, stated that he defied social conventions and educational systems by wanting to live independently at an early age. His criticism of formal education in tweets sparked a lot of discussion, with some questioning the extent of his enormous following’s influence over these remarks.


and Jaden Smiths The dynamic between Will and Jada is something you can thank for.
When Jaden declared in public that Tyler, the Creator was his lover in 2018, it created quite a stir. It was a joke at start, but it looked serious at first, demonstrating Jaden’s passion of poking fun of controversies.

Willow was observed from an early age as well. Some objected to her appearing grownup in the “Summer Fling” music video at the age of just twelve. Additionally, child protection services looked into it after seeing a photo of the then-20-year-old actor Moises Arias in bed, something Jada vehemently disputed.

As an adult, Willow ran into issues because of her first book, “The Black Shield Maiden,” which was alleged to be a misrepresentation of Islamic culture and the Amazigh people. Amazigh aggression was depicted in several sections, which incited strong feelings and called for more careful and considerate reporting.

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