Mendeecees is receiving backlash on social media and becoming more popular after disclosing that he was married to Yandy Smith.

Mendeecees shared the following remarks regarding his union with Yandy Smith:
According to MadameNoire, Mendeecees spoke the truth during a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

He and Smith are seen discussing their romance on FaceTime in a recent advertisement video that is doing the rounds on X (formerly Twitter).

Mendeecees believes Smith is “trying to be too independent,” according to Smith. She continues by drawing comparisons between their relationship and that of Kirk Frost and Rasheeda from “Love & Hip Hop,” who experienced a “dark place” in their marriage.


hears Smith say, “And I just don’t want that for us.”

Mendeecees then mentions to Smith that they “are in a dark place.”

“It’s been going on for a while now,” she continued. “You have to take this seriously if it is going to happen.” If not, you must let it go.

The film then switches to an almost apology-like interview with Mendeecees. He gets asked by a coworker if he and Yandy are prepared to end their friendship.

He responds, “Yeah.” Subsequently, the producer poses a query.

“Is the promise keeping you more than the love right now?” they enquired.

Mendeecees responds with a persuasive argument.

“Yes, absolutely,” he answers. “Though it doesn’t have to, this crap is meant to last forever.”

The video then returns to the chat between Mendeecee and Smith, during which the mother of three declares that she does not see herself living without her husband. Smith adds that she is “devastated” by her husband’s perspective.

entire talk is available to view below.

Is Mendeecees prepared to split with Yandy? 💔#LHHATL premieres on @MTV NEXT THURSDAY at 8p. This image is posted on Twitter: The Twitter handle K0PbR2Amq9

— @loveandhiphop Hip Hop & Love 8 April 2024

Social Media’s Reaction
Social media users’ reactions to Mendeecees and Smith’s remarks on X vary.

She doesn’t listen to him, doesn’t care what he has to say.She is relocating on her own.She takes action and watches for him to do the same.This is a polite gesture.That is completely untrue; you will understand if you listen to him on the broadcast.

— April 8, 2024, Katie Lanier (@KatieLanier)

Though she definitely makes the most money, I suppose he’s jealous of her now because I used to like him.

“Oh No, She Didn’t.” Sav 8 April 2024

Everybody has difficult times. They were always in love. He must realise that without him, she had to rely on her strength. It’s hard to take off that cap.

— @OchoTre83 9 April 2024

We don’t trust you to leave this alone, so you guys need to solve it.

On April 9, 2024, that was Kaylan Brown (@kaylan504).

Mendeecees has been exposing his entire backside during this season of Love & Hip Hop: ATL. Even more so after Yandy revealed to him her desire to fertilise a sister or cousin with one of her eggs.

But when I want to feel sorry for Yandy, this is what comes to mind. Image from Twitter: o1YPdXUXP1

On April 10, 2024, that

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