Kevin Hunter reportedly requests severance money from Wendy Williams.
According to the news source, Hunter is demanding two years’ worth of back split, or severance money, from Williams. According to reports, the 51-year-old man claimed that their Marital Settlement Agreement specified the amount of money. Hunter and Williams were married for 22 years when they filed for divorce in January 2020, according to Page Six.

However, Hunter claims that after Williams assumed formal guardianship of her in 2022, he was no longer paid by her.

As per the terms of the Matrimonial Settlement Agreement, the Plaintiff committed to pay me my layoff compensation, but I haven’t received it since January 2022. “This is an urgent matter because I depend on the severance pay for my living expenses and not having this income for 23 months has had a huge effect on me,” Hunter reportedly told the court, as reported by RadarOnline. Thus, I humbly request that the Court direct Wendy to promptly make all severance payments that may be owed at the time of this Court’s Order.


TV host’s finances are examined more by the ex-husband.
Hunter also requests the ability “to sign documents related to Wendy’s AFTRA Retirement Plan,” according to The U.S. Sun. It’s still unclear what Hunter stands to gain monetarily or legally at this time in the event that the power is granted.

Hunter has also requested to view Williams’ bank records, claiming to have been “promised” access to them.

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