NBA player Brittney Griner and her spouse Cherelle are expecting a child shortly.

The US Sun reports that the couple will give birth to their child in just three months.

The Baby News of Cherelle and Brittney Griner
The Saturday before the baby’s due date, April 3, they shared their joyous news on Instagram. Before long, they will be due.

“Can’t believe our favorite person is coming to the world in less than three months!” was the comment left on the photo they posted. #July2024 #BabyGrinercomingSoon.”

Her third child is on the way. Her ex-wife, WNBA player Glory Johnson, is the mother of her twins. 2015 saw their birth. But the next year, the athletes’ marriage did come to an end.

After four years, the 33-year-old married Cherelle in 2019.

When they learned the news, their fans were ecstatic.

“Well done!” Under their announcement, @liljo09 wrote. Very cool! My tiny Griner companion.

Well done! We’re hoping for a baby this year! Congratulations on becoming a parent! You two will make excellent parents! Details about @transmission.added.

“What a beautiful blessing,” @joyannreed commented.

Griner’s B-Ball Career
The eleventh WNBA season of the Phoenix Mercury is set to begin. The athlete recently inked a contract to prolong his career. He’s never been a member of another squad. This is due to a valid reason. Brittney is expected to be admitted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, according to a report in The Sun.

Griner has won the Defensive Player of the Year award twice. She has also received eight All-Star selections. She was imprisoned in Russia, yet she returned to the WNBA with strength. For importing drugs, Brittney was incarcerated from February to December 2022. There was barely more than one gramme of hash oil in it.

She averaged 17.5 points and 2.2 assists per game when she was back in the women’s division. She also grabbed 6.5 boards in each game aside from that.

Britt’s situation appears to be improving. Best wishes on your nuptials!

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