Rapper Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus Jr., made headlines in Hollywood after converting to Christianity. His first worship CD, “Book of Love,” was just released.

Fred Hammond, The Clark Sisters, Pastor John P. Kee, and Marvin Sapp are a few of the gospel artists featured on the CD.

He declared, “I’m working on a Christian album,” on Beats 1 Radio. I must take action right now.

“I’ve always cared about it,” he added. I was too busy leading a gang to be able to do it. However, I’ve been considering it for far too long.

His new album about faith and church has drawn criticism from a number of sources. He signed up with “the Nation of Islam” in 2009. He converted to Rastafarianism in 2012. He became a Christian after having a change of heart.


has previously discussed Christianity. 2016 saw him perform “I’d Rather Have Jesus” in an Instagram video.
His belief in God was well-liked by his fans. “Consider how many people you can share the Good News of Salvation with via your stage! Hurry up! One fan commented, “Snoop, give our heavenly Father glory with your rapping.”

Snoop Dogg addressed his detractors during the 33rd Stellar Awards in Las Vegas. After performing at the gospel music gathering, he declared, “The devil is a liar.” I mistakenly believed that the church accepted transgressors.

A church brimming with saints would be incorrect. It’s appropriate to be kind, embrace, and say, “Brother, we accept you for who you are and what you’re going through,” if you witness someone attempting to return home. Simply be who you are. We will assist you since we are aware that you have erred and that you wish to make amends.


won’t stone you if you decide to turn around and return to the church. Church attendance is declining as a result of this.

The rapper claims that he has never had any conversations with anyone in the Christian community.

“How about you?” Snoop queries. Have you checked your status? Is it possible to reach heaven? Why do you think I’m bad? In what ways have you been God’s servant?

His record is replete with Christian theology, demonstrating how his beliefs have evolved over time. The album tells a heartwarming tale of Snoop discovering God’s love.

“He’s not selling the wealth gospel,” wrote Mai Perkins. He doesn’t use his history to put others down. He has been outside! He shares his experiences as a very broken person who adores God. Additionally, he makes it simple for others to follow suit.

From gangs to guns, religion has impacted Snoop’s life in a variety of ways. According to Snoop, his religion altered his perspective on women. In the past, he “used to put women in his songs.”

“Because I was making music for myself,” he remarked. “Up until I wanted to show the woman how much I loved and appreciated her, my music demonstrated that.”

The daughter of Snoop, Cori B., is featured in “No Guns Allowed.”

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