About a year and a half ago, it appeared as though Jodie Foster’s supporters were giving up, so they called the police. The star’s face was full of wrinkles and other ageing symptoms, and her body suddenly turned hazy.

Foster is able to travel back in time, but not many are aware of this ability. When she’s strolling rather than strutting the red carpet a few years back, she appears younger and more gorgeous.

Reporters in New York City captured the actress on camera as she went shopping with her son. Jodie, who is 58 years old, acknowledges that several performers appear older even if they are only 30.”I’d like to get old on film like Katharine Hepburn,” Foster once remarked. “I enjoy my current age. I have no desire to return to my twenties. This generation is fearful and anxious. Dealing with such issue is not worth it.

Women in their fifties are unquestionably more intriguing than those in their twenties. We are more confident in ourselves now that we are older. “Being yourself is a huge plus.” It no longer makes sense to pretend like you’re upset and modern or to care about if you’re hip.

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