When a new family member arrives, there’s a lot of enthusiasm, especially for the eldest child who will have a lifelong friend.

In this heartwarming tale, a young girl named Tiffany is ecstatic to welcome her cousin Marly Rose into the world. When Tiffany holds the small bundle for the first time, she breaks down in tears. She is talking about how much she loves everything about Marly with tears in her eyes.

Tiffany’s mother from California, Bree Miller, took her daughter to meet the rest of the family, and she made the decision to record the occasion on camera. She was unaware that Tiffany would react with such intensity.

These two cousins clearly have a special affinity since Tiffany cradles Marly and watches over her while the infant slumbers soundly in her older cousin’s arms.

“You might cry… This is what occurs when your emotions take over and you meet your new baby cousin for the first time! Bree Miller wrote, @chefbreemiller, in her Instagram image.A little child’s sincere love is a great thing to see. There’s little doubt that these two cousins will become the closest of friends!

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