After her children were born, well-known actress Julia Roberts, who starred in films like “Pretty Woman,” decided to raise her family at home. She is well-known in Hollywood, but she is also a wonderful mother.

She took a leave of absence from work due to family matters. Her family consists of her husband, Henry Daniel Moder, their son Henry Moder, and their twins Hazel and Phinneas. Julia is a full-time mother who adores her new career.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder attended a party held at the White House in December 2022 to honour the 2022 Kennedy Centre Honorees.

Julie claims that she is incredibly content and joyful as a mother. She is in charge of the home. Along with many other daily tasks, she prepares meals for her family and cleans the kitchen. By the time she finishes all of her responsibilities, she is already beginning to prepare lunch. When dinnertime rolls around, she feels as though she’s had a long and hectic day. Julia mentions:

“I don’t have time to sit around anymore.” I had a lot of free time before having children, but I don’t remember what I did with it, and I didn’t enjoy it.

“My life at home gives me absolute joy,” she remarked, grinning. She also gets to see her relatives frequently. Though she enjoys caring for her family, there are moments when she finds her life at home dull. Julia said to us: It just becomes a part of your everyday life when you’re a wife or mother. There are days that are incredibly difficult and days that are quite joyful.

She hasn’t entirely given up acting, though. She just needs more convincing to be willing to participate. Julia stated that she is still interested in working on a project that features a fascinating character or an intriguing plot.

The “Eat, Pray, Love” actress Julia Roberts was so engrossed in her new life that she neglected to inform her children about her employment. They were unaware of her fame in Hollywood for a while.

Despite the fact that Julia is obviously famous, she chose not to tell her children so. They eventually worked things out. Because she cleaned and cooked, they initially believed she wasn’t employed, but in reality, she was.

Julia briefly discussed her cooking methods, sources of inspiration, and passion for the kitchen. She learned a lot from her mother, who enjoyed preparing everything from scratch using produce from her garden. Though she doesn’t go as far, she can still pull off some tricks.

As the kids have gotten older, they have begun to understand that their mother is a well-known actress.

The celebrity discussed how preparing meals for her family is a “privilege,” a “honour,” and a “luxury” that she was unaware she had until recently. Her co-stars even respect her as a mother, and her family has brought her more satisfaction in life. The actress shared a humorous anecdote about how co-star Julianne Nicholson sewn new sleeping bags for her daughter Hazel’s toys.

Julia, despite her fame, enjoys being a stay-at-home mum. Her favourite way to spend time with her family is to have dinner together. Julia enjoys having breakfast and dinner with her children.

“I eat breakfast and dinner with my kids most days.” Starting and finishing tasks jointly, in my opinion, adds intrigue to the situation.

Growing up, her children discovered that their mother is a well-known actor. They now accompany her to other locations where she shoots films. She claimed that having her children around keeps her grounded and real.

“Having kids and having them ask, ‘Can I have a snack?’ while you’re wearing a fancy dress, heels, and diamonds is really humbling.” You have to admit, “Yeah.”

She explained to the crowd that she and her spouse, Daniel, had made the decision to raise their kids just like any other family. Julia wants her children to grow up with life-long skills such as self-care, making their own beds, and cleaning.

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