Every day, a large number of unique babies are born all over the world. All babies, nevertheless, are special and require love, care, and attention.

It’s awful that some individuals don’t understand this. Should they feel that their child isn’t flawless, they may even feel like giving up or ceasing to care for them.

Even though we should know better now, misconceptions concerning Down syndrome still keep many babies in the dark about what lies ahead for them.

However, one Russian father is trying to change that. Misha, his son with Down syndrome, is under his sole care. His goal is to dispel misconceptions about individuals with Down syndrome and demonstrate that every child is unique and deserving of love.

Evgeny Anisimov, 33, is rumoured to wish to demonstrate that children with Down syndrome are deserving of love and respect, just like any other child. His wife left him after finding out that their kid Misha has Down syndrome, therefore he is now caring for Misha on his own.

Soon after Misha was born, doctors warned Evgeny and his wife, “I fear that your baby has Down syndrome.”

“I didn’t know what to do when I found out that my son might have Down syndrome,” she said to Bored Panda. It felt like my role was to support my wife, be strong, and hold off on telling her anything until the test results were in.
“I cried shortly after leaving the hospital after finding out that my son had Down syndrome,” the man recalled. I felt a bit guilty about crying afterward. My life didn’t really change.

I still had two limbs and two legs, and all of my knowledge remained intact. I remained occupied, interested, and attentive. All went according to plan, and I gave birth to a boy. Nonetheless, he is special, and his life and destiny are crucial. I’m crying at the moment! Isn’t that a self-centered action? It’s not just. No, I am in charge of it. Even though I was aware that my prospects were slim, I still did not get an amniocentesis. I must care for him because I desired a child. Numerous possibilities exist, such as genetic alterations, cerebral palsy, or autism. It seems that there are worse things than Down syndrome.

Evgeny started learning about persons with Down syndrome that same evening.

“I discovered that Europe provides excellent care for those with Down syndrome.” He told them, “They’re free to live and work.” “But that didn’t make me think differently.”
Leaving his son was never an option for Evgeny. Sadly, his wife didn’t share his sentiments.

“I never thought about placing my son for adoption at all.” “That would be horribly mean,” he remarked. After their eventual divorce, Evgeny is now raising Misha by himself.

Every newborn in the world questions whether they are wanted. In addition, I tell my son, “Yeah, you are needed!” If they were alone, normal people would take care of him. I’m just a regular guy, not a superhero, to say it plainly.

Evgeny wants to increase public awareness of Down syndrome. He hopes that no parent will ever believe that having a child with Down syndrome is a punishment because it’s not something they can handle.
“I want all the stories about Misha and me to show people that having a child with Down syndrome is okay and not a problem,” he said to Bored Panda. I want to inspire and give hope to others who are in similar circumstances as myself. And I converse with both nearby and distant folks. I hope reading about us may help those who are struggling. Don’t worry at all! There will be no issues!

I think people like Evgeny deserve a lot of recognition. He is a fantastic father, and Misha is fortunate to have him.

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