Isabella, the daughter of Mike Strahan, recently shared a heartfelt account of her courageous battle with brain cancer.

The 20-year-old candidly discussed how difficult chemotherapy was for her in a YouTube video titled “Vlog 8: Recovering from Chemo at Home.”

Isabella showed bravery by comparing her discomfort during therapy to a “heart attack” and discussing how bad it is. She mentioned how much agony she is in and how she is attempting to relieve it by applying an ice pack to her recently shaved head while she talked about her issues. She pointed to her sore mouth, teeth, and eyes and added, “Everything hurts.”

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Isabella stated that because chemotherapy hurts so badly, she would prefer to have radiation therapy or brain surgery. She also shared her concerns regarding potential issues that might arise while receiving treatment. Because she fears ignorance, she worries about her overall health, her teeth, and her vision.

After being in the hospital, Isabella was happy to come back home and sleep in her own bed, despite the difficulties. Despite the fact that her medical vacation is full of unknowns, she enjoyed being in familiar areas.

Isabella talked about her memorable moments with her father Michael Strahan and her twin sister Sophia Strahan throughout the video. She took this action to demonstrate the value of having family support during trying times.

Following her and her father’s public announcement of her sickness on Good Morning America, Isabella provided an update. She discussed the symptoms that eventually led to the diagnosis as well as her emotional development since then.

Despite everything, Isabella remains resilient. After learning that she had cancer, she took preventative measures like freezing her eggs, and she completed her last round of chemotherapy in January. Isabella and her family are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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