Being well-known and having iconic status may be a lot of fun. You get to attend to good parties, meet influential people, and it pays well. It also indicates that you are the target of many criticisms and judgments.

Although she can’t recall it, Paris Hilton has known this for a very long time.

Her son Phoenix Barron has recently been the target of cruel remarks from internet trolls. The size of his head was humorous.
Paris immediately defended and shielded her son because she is a self-assured person.

Phoenix was born via surrogacy earlier this year to Paris Hilton and her spouse Carter Reum. This is their first kid together, along with Carter’s daughter Evie from a prior relationship. They’ve been learning how to love and care for their child as new parents.

Paris recently shared a photo of herself with Phoenix that she had taken while visiting New York with her family.

However, some people chose to criticize Phoenix’s large head rather than to compliment it. “That baby has a big brain,” and “I heard they made that baby in a lab, and she didn’t even carry it,” were some of their remarks. Even meaner things were said by others who joined in.

In response to the cruel remarks, Paris stated, “Some people are really mean.” My infant is doing really well. He has seen the physician, although not for a serious illness. All he has is a large intellect.

added that her parents adore her son. She is grateful to have such a supportive family and frequently receives advise from her mother and sister, Nicky Hilton.

Just goes to show that well-known individuals like Paris Hilton are not immune to cruel things that happen to them online. But cruel remarks about children should never be directed against them. Paris’s outspokenness against the hurtful remarks demonstrated her deep love for her son.

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