Jimmy Carter, the former president, has been receiving hospice care for a year this week. On the other hand, according to his grandson, Carter’s heart is still strong in spite of the issues.

From February of last year, when he began receiving hospice care, Carter has experienced numerous health issues. In addition to suffering from brain cancer, liver cancer, a shattered hip, and brain surgery, his wife Rosalynn passed away in November.
Carter’s grandson provided an update on his health despite all of these issues, adding, “After a year in hospice, every day, we have no expectations for his body.” However, we know that his spirit is as powerful as ever, he said on CBS Sunday Morning.

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The Carter family stated that President Carter was still living at home with his family and expressed gratitude for all of the support they had received over the previous year. Carter’s decision to enter hospice care also served as a catalyst for their discussions.

Carter belongs to the extremely rare category of individuals who have survived longer than a year—just 6% of those who began hospice care. When Rosalynn, his wife, passed away in November, he was devastated. They had a close relationship and had been married for 77 years.
Following Rosalynn’s passing, Dr. Michael Raines, Carter’s physician, expressed concern and acknowledged the depth of Carter’s loss. He realized the extent to which long-married couples depend on one another and the devastation that would ensue from a loss.

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As we tell Jimmy Carter’s tale, let us offer our sincere wishes for peace and health in the days ahead. Please feel free to comment below with your prayers for him if you would want to join us.

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