The emotions that accompany learning you will be a parent for the first time might be difficult to express. The majority of us are overjoyed to learn that we will be having a kid, whether or not we intend to become parents.

Naturally, our initial thoughts are optimistic. Dreams regarding our child’s appearance and the activities or lessons we will teach them are common. We might also be giddy with anticipation about our first-ever touch with them.

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy turns out to be as happy as most of us wish. Carlos Morales is well-versed with this harsh reality, having grown up in Phoenix, Arizona. His narrative serves as a strong illustration of how life has two very depressing sides.

It appeared as though Carlos and Erica Morales would make a wonderful couple. They began dating in 2006 after meeting at a pub in Scottsdale, Arizona. Despite the fact that Erica didn’t speak Spanish and Carlos didn’t speak English, they were obviously drawn to one another.
Rumor has it that Carlos and Erica danced for the whole of their first evening together. Carlos gave Erica a piece of paper with his phone number on it after the club closed. However, she eventually misplaced the paper, which might have signaled the end of their romance. But alas, fate had other plans.

Through mutual connections, they were reunited, and it didn’t take them long to realize how much they loved one another.

Carlos committed to improving his English so that he and Erica could communicate more effectively. After that, Erica learned Spanish.

“Observe these wonderful things. Even when they yell uncontrollably, I still want to give them the sweetest kiss. I’m trying to say this.

They began their child-bearing preparations after getting married in Las Vegas in 2007.

It was a very tragic miscarriage during their first attempt. Erica became pregnant once more following fertility treatments, but this time the pair received a huge surprise.

On Erica’s first ultrasound, doctors informed her that she was expecting four babies!

Carlos and Erica spent several months preparing for the birth of four children. Carlos tried his best to take care of Erica while doing household chores like cooking and cleaning because she was exhausted from raising four children.

A article was published by ABC15 Arizona on March 1, 2015. On January 12, 2015, Erica’s excessively high blood pressure sent her to the hospital. She was still having contractions, so she informed Carlos before he arrived that the babies would be delivered early by the physicians.

To preserve the event, Carlos and Erica recorded it with photos and videos when Carlos first arrived. Before Erica entered the delivery room, Carlos gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and said, “Let’s get these babies out.”

He had no idea how drastically his life would alter on this particular day.

Carlos stated that a C-section was used to deliver the four babies—three girls and one boy.

“We were so excited to start our family,” Miguel said to Yahoo. “Everything fell apart after that.”

Erica experienced hypovolemic shock immediately after giving birth, a condition in which a significant amount of blood and fluids are lost.

While Carlos was seated next to his wife’s bed, the alarm went off, and the nurses hurried in. The new father was instructed to wait outside while his wife was attended to by hospital personnel. When the doctor returned an hour later, Carlos was informed that Erica had passed away.

Many Americans have come to love Carlos Morales and his four children when his wife passed away too soon.”That’s all we are.”On Friday, March 20, 2015, 93.9 WKYS posted

“How could this have happened?” he wondered. For a while, everything went well, but suddenly it didn’t. She had passed away later. I was having the greatest day of my life one day, then the following morning it was the worst. My wife passed away shortly after I delivered my four children.

Carlos Jr., Paisley, and Tracey are the names he gave his children after a conversation he had with his late wife. “Erica” is how he dubbed his third child.

On January 16, 2015, the bereaved father was able to bring two of his kids home from the hospital. On March 11, they were able to return home at last.

Despite feeling like he had lost everything after his love’s death, Carlos felt he had to be there for his children. The father of four children enrolled in classes on infant care, learning how to bathe, feed, and regulate his children’s sleep patterns. In addition, he gained CPR knowledge.

Sondra Bridges, Erica’s mother, eventually moved in with Carlos to assist him in caring for her grandkids.

Sondra remarked, “Funny how things work out.” “It’s been amazing thanks to God and everyone’s support, but it’s sad and happy at the same time.” A private thank you to each and every one of you as well. I really appreciate all of your assistance.

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