Children Ron and Clint Howard had great celebrity and attention as children. Despite being movie and television stars, their parents allowed them to have a childhood.

They discussed how hard their parents worked at their jobs and in their personal lives to ensure that their famous kids always had a normal upbringing in their book “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.”

Their parents, Rance Howard and Jean Speegle, were also entertainers. Jean Speegle, their mother, studied in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Regretfully, she had an injury that limited her mobility and ultimately rendered her unable to walk!

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Fortunately, she recovered and continued pursuing her goal of attending the University of Oklahoma to study acting. She met her future husband, Rance Howard, while attending college.
The Howard lads wrote extensively about both of their parents in their book. They spoke of their red-haired, doll-faced mother and their slender, attractive father. They both liked acting, so they decided to continue doing it together as soon as they fell in love.

A traveling children’s theater company employed both Rance and Speegle. Although she disguised herself as several queens, Rance was probably a hunter or a prince.

While on tour in Kentucky, they decided to tie the knot. They decided to leave the touring theatrical group after a year and a half in order to concentrate on establishing a family.

Ron Howard and Clint Howard, their boys, moved in with them shortly after. Speegle continued to act for a short while before giving up to focus on raising her boys.

continued to act while concurrently overseeing the careers of his children. Ron Howard, six, had an appearance on “The Andy Griffin Show,” and his father attended. His father was by his side when he appeared in “The Music Man” after that.

Additionally, Clint portrayed major roles in television series like “Bananza,” “Star Trek,” and “Gentle Ben.” The money belonging to their sons was handled carefully by their parents, who placed it in trust accounts for their future use.

Clint and Ron Howard speak about their lives as Hollywood stars in their book. It came out that they didn’t have an affluent existence because their parents forbade them from making large purchases or taking vacations.

They didn’t spend the money the boys made and instead lived primarily off of their father’s money. Ron Howard claimed that when the family was offered the opportunity to launch a clothing business, their father categorically rejected it. Because he didn’t want other people’s “celebrity” lives to destroy their childhood, their father was against starting the clothes line.

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