Chris has always wished to become a YouTube celebrity. In addition to making videos, he sings.

He experimented with several forms of writing, but he was unaware that his grandmother held the secret to his success.

From Tarlac, the Philippines, Chris and his family—including Lola—moved to the United States. They carried a small portion of their native land with them.

The main character in Chris’s TikTok videos is Lola. She speaks to him with their local “Kapampangan” accent, having spent more than twenty years teaching elementary school in the Philippines.

Lola was eighty-eight years old when I made the decision to care for her full-time.

was aware of his position.

Chris had to make the difficult decision to either place her in an assisted living facility or locate a caregiver. He realized he needed to take action.

The idea that his Lola might be living with or receiving care from strangers sickened him.
Chris has a deep affection for his grandmother, which is evident in every aspect of their shared lives.

He was prepared to give her all of his love, care, and patience even though he knew it would require all of that.

Since 2014, he has shared images of his grandma online. In 2019, he began documenting their everyday routines to demonstrate their closeness to the public.

Their video blogs are full with adorable moments and provide us a glimpse into their lives.
Lola’s bed is made with great care by Chris, who also makes sure she feels loved and gets adequate water.
He doesn’t hesitate to discuss the more difficult aspects of being a caregiver, such as changing diapers and getting ready for bath time. He acts in an honest and kind manner.

However, it’s not always easy.
Chris recently discussed their issues with a Philippine TV station during an interview. He claimed that Lola is becoming more forgetful, which is making everything more difficult.

Chris feels heartbroken that she doesn’t always know him.

But he keeps his word and encourages us all to cherish every second we have with our loved ones.

Chris’s tale demonstrates the power of commitment and love.
Both Chris’s YouTube profile and their TikTok vlogs offer videos of their travels. He exerts every effort to guarantee Lola’s happiness and safety.

I adore this lovely reminder to value and genuinely love our family.

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