T.I. is a famous star in the music business. The rapper, who has been in successful recordings, films, and TV shows, is also well-known in the podcast community. However, this shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Tiny Harris, his wife, is a well-known celebrity. Tiny belonged to the well-liked female group Xscape. Her major break came when she started singing and collaborated with group member Kandi Burruss to write the popular song “No Scrubs” for TLC. Over the years, her work as a TV personality and reality star, in addition to a few other ventures, has grown rather steady.

In 2001, Tiny began dating T.I., the same year he dropped his debut album. Tiny, who was already well-known, remained out of the spotlight as her husband’s fame soared. As she built a home for them and their expanding family, she carried out this task. The petite Harris actress became well-known before her spouse, so for a while, she was the one making the money. Tameka Cottle is her birth name, and her current estimated net worth is $5 million. When Ed Sheeran included her and Kandi in the writing credits of his popular song “Shape of You” in 2018, she received a substantial payment. This occurred after listeners noticed that the tunes sounded a lot like “No Scrubs.”

Gosh Rapper’s unsuccessful lawsuit: Dolls manufacturer demands payment from TI for legal bills – Billboard
Though it’s unclear how much Tiny made prior to T.I. or if she ever assisted him in his early career, T.I. now makes sure he looks after his girlfriend. T.I. didn’t release his debut album until 2001, despite the fact that Xscape was released in 1991. From his debut album, T.I. has established a reputation for himself. In addition to launching his own record company, he has eleven studio albums, multiple top ten Billboard successes, and three Grammy Awards. The rapper’s commercial ventures, which include his former Atlanta nightclub, apparel line, strip club, sponsorship deals, and partnerships, have earned him a spot on Forbes’s list of the highest-earning hip-hop acts four times. His present $20 million net worth is the result of all of these factors. T.I. is now in a good position to care for Tiny, themselves, and their large blended family of seven children as a result.

Expeditiously, a podcast hosted by 21 Savage, and I recently had a conversation about what he believes other guys should do based on how he manages his own household. Although T.I. acknowledges that women may lead and manage the home, he says he would prefer to be in charge. The artist won’t allow his wife Tiny to pay any expenses at their home as a result. Many believe that men belong in leadership roles. I’ve set the bar for what I expect from other men because I’m telling you what I expect from myself as a man. But she can afford it. My wife is unable to pay any bills. If I’m unable to pay my payments, things will get problematic.


Dolls author demands TI cover legal costs in rapper’s abandoned lawsuit – Billboard

Tiny previously discussed her financial issues with T.I. after some on social media accused her of being a gold digger. In a post about their program, a woman claimed that Tiny was “winning” since she had a wealthy lover and that she ought to be content with that. Tiny informed the fan that she was grateful for her husband and that she was already successful financially before they met. At the end of 2020, the couple purchased a $3 million house in Atlanta. In 2021, T.I. took fans on a tour of a construction site and revealed that he and Tiny were developing 143 low-cost homes in Bankhead. At that point, about 40% of it was finished.

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