Popular pastor John Grey, who has become well-known on social media in recent years, is critically ill and admitted to the hospital. On social media, his wife Aventer Grey is pleading for a miracle.

“Hey, family. Aventer Grey writes, “My family and I are in need of a miracle,” on her Instagram. “Please remember to pray for my husband, @realjohngray.”

He went to the ER on Thursday night after noticing some changes in his symptoms over the previous few weeks. He was sent to the critical care unit (ICU) right away due to a saddle pulmonary embolism in the pulmonary artery and other lung blood clots. If the Saddle PE’s position changes in any way, it might potentially be fatal. There is a heavy clot weight, and the only one keeping it in place is God. He is presently in the critical care unit, and over the next 24 hours, two different types of surgery will be required owing to the pressure on his heart, according to the CT and Echo scans. The doctor put this in perspective by stating that patients in the exact same situation he had when he first arrived at the hospital had died.

According to the doctor, God must sustain him during the night because he is immobile and cannot even stand up to use the loo. Alright, COOL! Many thanks, ma’am! God is not finished! Whatever the CT, ECHO, or any other test results reveal, I don’t care! It’s obvious that God is not done. Clots must submit to my God! That’s it!

“Together with my family, our church, and myself, I need as many people to believe in the miraculous healing power of Jesus Christ as we cry out on behalf of John W. Grey III.”

“With God, I’m rocking relentlessly!”

Joel Osteen, the pastor of a megachurch, employed Grey as an associate pastor. In order to serve as pastor of Redemption Church—now known as Relentless Church—he and his family relocated to Greenville in 2018.
Saddle PE: What is it?
Grey has a potentially fatal illness called saddle PE, which typically requires immediate care. Saddle PEs account for approximately 2 to 5 percent of all PE cases, making them uncommon. A blockage in one of the lungs’ arteries is known as a pulmonary embolism (PE). When a sizable blood clot lodges in the major pulmonary artery, it results in a saddle PE.

A pulmonary embolism claimed the life of Thomas Mikal Ford, star of the popular sitcom “Martin,” starring Martin Lawrence, a few years ago.

When a sizable blood clot (thrombus) becomes lodged where the main pulmonary artery splits into a Y-shape to enter each lung, it is known as saddle PE. The term describes the clot’s “saddle”-like position atop both branch arteries.

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