Will Smith, one of the most famous actors in the world, celebrated his 51st birthday on September 25, but he had no idea that the same day would bring him a turning point in his life. Smith has just lately published on YouTube an amazing and enlightening 18-minute video blog in which he documents his very first colonoscopy, which took place in August of this year.

Not only did the video manage to fascinate his viewers, but it also exposed a shocking discovery that was hiding within his colon: a precancerous polyp. A precancerous polyp is an abnormal tissue growth. His physician, Dr. Ala Stanford, expressed concern that it might have continued to expand unchecked in the event that no one had spotted it.

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Because Smith’s encounter had such a profound effect on him, he decided to write a book about it and give it the title “I Get My First Colonoscopy.” The book tells the story of his journey, beginning with the drive he took in the wee hours of the morning to the Lennar Foundation Medical Centre at the University of Miami and ending with the moment he was informed of his recovery and test results several days later. Within the video, he provided viewers with a link to the National Cancer Institute and encouraged them to understand the significance of undergoing routine cancer screenings.

In his video blog, Smith underlined how important it is to put one’s health first. “We have to fix our health in 2019,” he asserted with a lot of emotion. He admitted that keeping excellent health can on occasion be difficult and even embarrassing, but he emphasized how important it is to take action.

Smith, who is known for his sense of humor, lightened the mood during some technical difficulties by turning a portion of the video into a black-and-white silent picture in a playful manner. He also added ragtime piano music and helpful subtitles to the film. Even in the appointment with Dr. Stanford before the procedure, he utilized comedy as a coping mechanism for his fear, which resulted in laughter and a reassuring “You should be!” reaction from the physician.

Smith maintained his composure throughout the entire process, and he even offered some humorous quips now and then. He joked about his uneasiness and hilariously detailed the night before the surgery when he had to take a strong enema solution that “kicked in” at midnight, which led to a humorous reference to a “CSI: Miami” investigation. He also made light of the fact that he was going to have surgery.

Smith was able to keep his sense of humor even while performing the real colonoscopy, which took place in the endoscopy room. However, he did take precautions to ensure that the invasive process itself was not televised. The film then moved to Smith in the recovery room, where he was sleepy but still in good spirits, telling jokes and requesting alcoholic beverages such as Belvedere or Ciroc vodka rather than cold water.

After a few days had passed, Smith scheduled a video call with Dr. Stanford in order to learn the findings of the test. During the course of the conversation, the attending physician disclosed that the precancerous polyp was discovered in the patient’s cecum, which is the most extensive section of the colon. To our great relief, we were able to successfully remove it, and it is currently being examined in a laboratory.

Smith was advised by Dr. Stanford that this particular type of polyp is responsible for 95% of colon cancers, which highlights the significance of early discovery as well as preventative actions. Smith was praised for being a “compliant” patient who listened to her instructions and underwent a colonoscopy, as the doctor had recommended. She suggested having another screening between two and three years from now.

Smith, in a particularly moving moment, conveyed his intent to devote his efforts to educating people about the significance of undergoing routine checkups. “Being able to tell people about this is important to me so that other people can become compliant patients and stay healthy and happy for as many wonderful years as we can have,” he added. “It’s important to me to be able to tell people about this.”

At the end of the video, Smith showed his appreciation to Dr. Stanford by blowing him a kiss, then he took a big breath and reassured himself, “OK. We’re in good shape.” His open and honest account of his journey serves as a potent reminder of the significance of health and early detection, motivating others to take preventative measures toward improving their own health.

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