She wanted to be in the “typical black love story” she had witnessed.

Since it debuted on February 3, 2011, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl has swiftly grown to be the most well-known of my three online series. As it expanded, more and more people became aware of it. That’s what I’ve observed thus far. “I’m having a great time!”

When black women and men, followed by the rest of the community, replied “yes,” it was a significant “aha” moment for them. They do converse with members of the black community, after all. People still tell me that I speak for all black women because I have a program about two black women, despite the fact that I don’t. We don’t all have the same opinions, and we “don’t think we know everything there is to know about what it means to be a” black woman in America.

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I make an effort to make my characters approachable and kind. According to executives in the movie and television industries, they avoid casting actors of color since they don’t “look real” on screen. Given that it is based on a racist notion, I have always recognized it to be untrue. The first thing that really inspired me to start doing art was the movie Love and Basketball. It helped me realize that everything revolved around myself. The first black love tale I read inspired me to contribute to the canon of black love stories. I frequently mention 1990s television programs like Martin, Living Single, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I had optimism after seeing successful people from all walks of life and believed I could do the same.

Because racism and sexism in the workplace are so covert, you either have to confront them head-on and run the danger of being rejected, or you have to ignore them and keep moving on. Absolutely, I fall into the second category. I scream, “No way!” while covering my eyes from everything. I’ll either complete it or come up with an alternative.

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