When it comes to establishing a romantic connection, we need to be willing to make concessions and look out for one another’s best interests. In spite of the fact that it can, at times, be very challenging, you shouldn’t feel as though you’re being mistreated by it.
Today, much too frequently, we let those who mean to us the most to take advantage of us because we have become satisfied in life and in love to the point where we let them take advantage of us. Instead of being in a meaningful partnership, we waste our time caring for someone who won’t do the same for us and won’t reciprocate by doing the same for themselves. If you and your spouse do not share the same core beliefs and ideals, it’s possible that you shouldn’t be in a relationship together.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll go over a few signs that indicate you might be putting your best effort to someone who doesn’t even care enough about you to give you the time of day. When we find out that something of this nature is occurring, it is imperative that we sever ties with those involved and keep our own value in mind. You need to remind yourself that you are not a maid at all times.

The 12 Obvious Signs That Your Partner Is Using You to Get What They Want

  1. You have the impression that your partner is abusing you.
    Your partner isn’t supposed to make you feel like you’re being used. If you have the feeling that someone is taking advantage of you, it’s likely the case. If you and your partner are unable to sit down together and talk about a problem of this nature, you should take that as a cautionary indicator.
  2. You are frequently uneasy when you are in the presence of your lover.
    When we are with someone who makes us feel uncomfortable, the atmosphere around us undergoes a dramatic transformation. Your spouse causes you to feel intense anxiety, and it’s tough for you to be yourself around them because of it. Are you really certain that this is the kind of thing you seek in a romantic partnership?
  3. Your partner does not take into account the requirements that you have.
    Both you and your partner have needs, and there is a significant divide between the two of you if your partner is only thinking about what he or she wants or needs. Your criteria have to be met first and foremost; if you are falling between the cracks, there is a serious issue. Never give somebody the power to make you feel inadequate or inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Your partner is only polite to you when you get what you want from the relationship.
    If your partner only treats you gently when they want anything from you, you should be aware that this is a sign that you are being used by them. They only put on a lovely front in order to get what they want, and as soon as they get it, they promptly go back to being unpleasant. A cycle like this one should never be allowed to continue.
  5. Your relationship with this person makes it difficult for you to say “no.”
    In a healthy relationship, you should not only feel free to express who you are, but also that you are understood. It is important that you are not afraid to tell your spouse “no” or to make it clear that you disagree with what they have said. The current state of affairs is not how things should be going at all.
  6. Your partner can never seem to remember the important specifics.
    Your partner’s memory need to be committed to the information that is most important regarding you and your connection. It’s true that we all have lapses in memory from time to time, but if someone can’t even remember something as fundamental as your birthday, it’s probably time to move on. You are responsible for something much better than this.
  7. The person who shares your bed with you is arrogant.
    If your partner is unwilling to put in the effort to satisfy you in the bedroom, there is something seriously wrong with the way you are being treated in the relationship. Your partner is behaving in a really selfish manner, and the two of you could not be more divergent. To put it another way, you have earned the closeness you seek and deserve.
  8. Your significant other chooses to spend time with his or her friends instead of spending time with you.
    If you feel as though you are being ignored in your current romantic partnership, you should look for another one. Your partner should absolutely be allowed to spend time with their friends, but you shouldn’t let this leave you with the impression that you never get to see your partner. You absolutely must be willing to make time in your schedules for one another.
  9. Your partner isn’t making an effort to solve the problems that you and the two of you are facing.
    You and your partner are unable to have open and honest conversations about the issues that come up in your relationship. They decide against delving any more and instead choose to take a seat. Your partner is not communicating with you at all; rather, he or she is isolating themselves and giving you space to deal with things on your own.
  10. Your partner does not have a good track record when it comes to following through.
    If your partner makes promises but never follows through on completing the tasks they say they will, you may want to consider ending the relationship. Even if it does not appear to be much, you deserve to be around someone you can trust. It is important for a person to keep their word when they commit to doing something and then follow through on that commitment.
  11. Your partner has a habit of lying to you.
    If your partner consistently lies to you about everything, you don’t have much of a relationship to speak of. You are being abused, and someone is using you as a pawn in their game. This cannot continue much longer. If you continue to permit this behavior, all you are doing is increasing the amount of time that you are subjected to abuse.
  12. Your partner does not like to talk to you very often, if at all.
    Even though your partner could be somewhat reserved at times, there is a problem if they completely refuse to communicate with you. Why would you continue to be with someone who doesn’t even want to communicate with you on a daily basis? Could you ever truly enjoy your life if you were with someone like them?

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