An important piece of information that owners of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X should be aware of is that these two famous models will not be supported by the new upgrade. This news comes as the tech industry excitedly anticipates the debut of Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 17, which will be available later this fall. Users are being advised by industry professionals to give some thought to trading in or selling their devices before the imminent release of iOS 17 in September.

There is a substantial possibility that this will have a negative effect on the resale value of these iPhones. On the secondary market, a flawless iPhone X can currently be purchased for approximately $190, but an iPhone 8 can be purchased for $90, and the larger iPhone 8 Plus can be purchased for $152 at this time. As a result of the release of iOS 17, it is anticipated that these values would fall by up to 50 percent, which means that it should be a major worry for owners of these devices.

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Apple’s introduction of the iPhone X in 2017 was a watershed moment for the company, as it marked the company’s ten-year milestone in the smartphone business. It was the first iPhone to do away with Touch ID in favor of the breakthrough Facial ID, which ushered in a new age for iPhones. Facial ID was the first of its kind. The phone was distinguished from its predecessors by having a display that did not have any borders around it, a front and back made of glass, and a frame made of stainless steel that was of surgical quality.

The first ever OLED display from Apple, nicknamed the “super retina display,” was integrated inside the iPhone X. It featured a diagonal size of 5.8 inches and was given the moniker “super retina display.” The product was hailed as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” and bested the iPhone 8 family in terms of the number and sophistication of its advanced features.

Despite the fact that the iPhone X stole the show, Apple’s iPhone 8 series continued to be a customer favorite. With an astounding 86.3 million units sold throughout the globe, the iPhone 8 series earned a place among the best-selling smartphones of all time. Nevertheless, production of them ceased in February of 2020, which served as a clear indicator that their lifespan had reached its natural conclusion.

A recent article from SellCell highlights the urgency for owners of iPhone X and iPhone 8 to upgrade, as Apple has said that these models would no longer receive iOS updates, including critical security fixes. Due to the absence of support, these devices are susceptible to security flaws, making them open to the possibility of being attacked by hackers and other criminals.

When iOS 17 is released, the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR will be the oldest devices that are able to run it. This upcoming update is rumored to include a plethora of brand new features, some of which include more safety precautions, changes to Safari’s private browsing mode, new safeguards for children developed by Apple, as well as a number of aesthetic and usability upgrades.

The most notable upgrades included by iOS 17 are design-driven contact cards, a ‘StandBy’ mode that turns the iPhone into a clock display while it is charging, updates to the keyboard, and an improved autocorrect function. Users who have struggled with aggravating autocorrect mistakes may welcome the new system’s accessibility shortcuts to correct erroneous word suggestions. These shortcuts can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts. In addition, the dictation function has been improved with the help of a new model that is powered by AI.

Additionally, iOS 17 offers a new feature called “NameDrop,” which makes it easier to exchange contact information with other users by just tapping devices together. Users have the ability to make personalized posters that will appear on the display of the recipient’s device when the user is making a call. This provides the opportunity for users to add a touch of personality and self-expression.

The world of technology is buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the approaching release of iOS 17, but the message for owners of iPhone 8 and iPhone X is crystal clear: act now to get the best value for your device and ensure that you will continue to have access to security upgrades. Maintaining an up-to-date software installation is becoming more important than it has ever been before as Apple continues to develop new features and improve its operating systems.

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