She was not let go. They failed to eliminate her. Not even her show was postponed. As a solution to its never-ending Whoopi Goldberg issue, ABC decided not to re-sign Whoopi Goldberg to a new contract. Due to this choice, Goldberg will lose her starring role on a much-liked programme as well as up to $36 million in salary and sponsorships annually.

Joe Barron, the programming director, declared that it was time to move on. She had a successful run, but now she is constantly angry. According to Barron, those who find her repulsive, polarising, and un-American frequently complain to the network about her. Most of them are unable to explain why, but he noted that they have a right not to.

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The negotiations are still ongoing, according to Goldberg’s manager Art Tubolls, who believes ABC will grant his client a new deal that will extend until 2029. She is the star, he declared. Are you going to run it, Joy Behar? She isn’t a well-known enough celebrity to perform like Whoopi.

Behar isn’t the only option, according to Barron, because all that money might be used to bring on two new speakers for the programme. He laughed, “I’ll bet we could get both Alyssa Milano and Kathy Gryphon for half that.” Again, when we asked Alyssa Milano to respond, she remained silent.

In order for America to return to its heyday, we hope that this current movement away from liberals will endure.

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