Idris Elba is a regular man despite the world’s need to see him as James Bond. He admits that despite portraying quick-witted shooters on screen, he recently came dangerously close to dying when defending a woman from her irate partner. The “Luther” actor was scared by the tale.

Idris Elba is a gentleman and was merely attempting to safeguard a stunning woman when the incident occurred. In a recent interview, he remarked, “I nearly lost my f***ing life after trying to stop a man threatening his girlfriend outside a bar. Elba was merely attempting to soothe the man by saying, “Look at how gorgeous she is.
Why would you address this lovely princess in such a manner? “You talking about my girl?” the furious man yelled as he grabbed a revolver and pointed it at Elba. Elba soon realised the mistake of his ways and that the man believed he was trying to bag his girl rather than defending her.

“He believed I was pursuing her sexually. I distinctly recall thinking, “Don’t play negotiations that way… Man, consequences. Elba reflects. As Sam Nelson in Apple TV+’s Hijack, the actor most likely still felt like himself.
On a trip from Dubai to London, Elba plays a regular man who becomes a crime fighter in the television series. He has seven hours to fend off any hijackers who try to take control of the aircraft. As the summer season comes to an end in the upcoming weeks, the show is growing in popularity.

Elba is now on strike and fighting for actor equality, just like the rest of Hollywood. His most recent social media post was one in which he supported fellow actors, and he hasn’t been actively marketing the show outside of it. Elba is a popular DJ as well, but he’ll certainly think twice before intervening in another altercation in the club.

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