The news that his mother, Pam Joi Sullivan, had passed away on July 22 was shared with everyone by Sullivan. On Monday, she shared a post about the unfortunate news on Instagram, in which she stated that she was at a loss for words due to the recent events. Sullivan wrote a heartfelt message to her mother in which she thanked her and wished her a restful and comfortable retirement.
I’m not sure what to say to you just yet, mom. For the time being, I’ll simply keep repeating, “thank you,” over and over again. She wrote, “Rest now, blue butterfly [emoji] 10/26/58-07/22/23,” which was the date and time of the message.
Even though the official cause of Pam’s death has not been disclosed, it is essential to remember that she was identified as having inflammatory breast cancer for the first time in October 2019. On Mother’s Day in the year 2020, Sullivan discussed how this information had a significant impact on their life and had turned their world completely upside down.

“Instead of you yelling at me to hurry up and complete my project, our days were now filled with trips to the hospital for cancer treatments. “Fast, things got real,” wrote Sullivan in his journal. “However, if there is one thing that being your daughter has taught me, it is how to make something that is unattractive or even painful into a piece of art,” she continued. Consequently, this has been our routine since the month of October. Attempting to create something lovely out of this chaotic situation.
After learning that she had cancer, Pam had said a month ago that she appreciated how Sullivan “stepped up to the plate” to help the family.

“It’s odd that I came to you when I found out that I had cancer, because I’ve always considered you to be a little bit flighty and reckless. As your manager, I’ve always made it a point to seek out what you lacked and address that deficiency so that you can be prepared for what is ahead. In an Instagram post, Pam admitted her ignorance, writing, “What I didn’t know was that you already had what I thought you needed.”

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