He discussed their life together, adding that many doubted the young lady would become the outstanding person she is now owing to her terrible childhood.
Birkhead and Dannielynn visited the Bahamas in 2018 to honour her mother and brother’s legacy. The family loves the Bahamas because Dannielynn was born there and her mother and brother are buried there.

Birkhead advised Dannielynn to embark on the trip to learn about her mother and her birthplace. He said:

It will bring her back and give her a kind of a sense of, you know, places that her mum used to go and things that she used to do down here and just kind of have some fun with her’, the speaker said.

He also noted that locals knew Dannielynn and considered her a queen. Because of this, people regularly approach her in the Bahamas to snap photos or talk.

In 2006, Dannielynn’s mother and brother died there. In 2006, before Dannielynn met them, this happened.
After Dannielynn was born, Daniel went to the Bahamas to visit his mother and sister. Smith and Daniel are close friends, and their time together was thrilling. However, a terrible accident resulted.

Smith had to say goodbye to her beloved son shortly after their reunion. He was found dead in the hospital room he shared with his mother from a narcotics overdose. He sat upright.

Smith denied her son’s drug use after the autopsy. Instead, she wanted a second autopsy to learn what happened to her son while she and her daughter slept just feet away.

After the autopsy results were released, Smith decided to consult a pathologist. If the first pathologist missed something vital, families rarely hired their own.
Smith’s forensic pathologist, Cyril Wecht, has autopsied many celebrities, including Elvis Presley. He was the greatest at autopsies and highly recommended.

Wecht kept his autopsy results private. Many found it weird that Daniel died in a medical facility.

Smith’s pals stated she felt like she lost part of herself as she bid goodbye to Daniel. Her friends joked that she felt like she had traded children with Dannielynn after Daniel left so soon.

Five months after Daniel’s accidental overdose, Smith died similarly. After that, Dannielynn became her mother’s sole estate heir. Daniel was Smith’s lone heir five years before Dannielynn’s birth.
Since Daniel left before his mother, a court ruled that Dannielynn was entitled to her mother’s fortune. He then created a trust in her name and designated Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern, Smith’s executor, as co-trustees.

Birkhead has worked hard to give Dannielynn a peaceful environment and all she needs to succeed and be independent, despite her difficult start in life.

Birkhead lived exclusively for Dannielynn.

Birkhead had to seek a paternity test in Dannielynn’s early years. After obtaining the evidence, he did everything he could to give the girl the best life possible.

Birkhead honoured Smith on Instagram in February 2022. He wrote that he often saw Smith in their daughter. He also added Dannielynn is brave like her mother.
Birkhead has also acknowledged the difficulties of raising his daughter alone after Smith’s death. He confessed:

We enjoy it, and I think Dannielynn’s best days are ahead. “She’s got such a bright future, and I try every day to keep a little bit of her mum alive,” said Dannielynn’s grandma.

Due of Birkhead’s dedication to Dannielynn’s upbringing, they attend the Kentucky Derby each year. The Kentucky father-daughter duo attends the event regularly.

Birkhead is now a photographer and real estate investor. Dannielynn can reach her adult potential in this serene, wholesome environment.

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