Taraji P. Henson Referred to Michael Ealy’s Body Odor During Filming of ‘Think Like a Man Too’.
Apparently, Taraji P. Henson had to gather Michael Ealy because he was “smelling resentment.”

During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Ealy discussed a humiliating incident that occurred between him and Taraji P. Henson on the set of the 2014 film Think Like a Man Too.

Michael Ealy performed 250 push-ups between takes before filming an intimate scene with Tarajo P. Henson.
Michael Ealy revealed to Kelly Clarkson that one of his romantic sequences in Think Like a Man Too with co-star and love interest Taraji P. Henson was temporarily halted due to his b.o.

Before filming a shirtless sequence with Henson, the actor decided to perform 250 push-ups between takes.

“So Taraji, whom I adore, and I share the same birthplace. “He was one of the coolest and most talented people I’ve ever met,” he said. “We are filming a sequence for ‘Think like a Man Too,’ and I recently gave birth. I did not have the opportunity to exercise or prepare for this role and things.”

He added, “Right before this scene where I’m shirtless in bed with her and such, I did about 250 push-ups, not in a succession… In approximately 20 to 25 minutes while they prepare the injection. As previously stated, I was working hard to pump up the musculature and increase blood flow. That is a ruse. “Everyone does that,”

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Taraji P. Henson remarked to Michael Ealy that he smelt ‘kind of ripe.’
When it was time to act intimately for the scene, Ealy wrapped his arm around Henson’s neck, causing her to catch a breath of his foul odor.

“I was glistening, and I was laying on top of her while we were between takes,” he explained. “She’s kind of like in here because I’m kind of on top of her.” “We’re just sitting there between takes when she says to me, ‘Hmm, you’re kind of ripe.'”

Henson made fun of Ealy for being imperfect.
The audience and host Kelly Clarkson erupted in hilarity upon hearing the actor’s confession.

Afterward, Ealy disclosed that Henson made fun of him for being imperfect.

“She remarked, ‘Michael Ealy is not perfect.'” And I responded, “Taraji, you saw me performing pushups.” Come on,'” he recalled her saying. You understand what I’m going through.
Ealy concluded the interview by stating that it was somewhat difficult to pretend to be romantic with Henson after that incident.

View the video clip below:

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