Tiny has been forced to defend herself by T.I. after fans criticised a new photo of her larger rear end.

The unbreakable bond that Mr. and Mrs. Harris, also known as T.I. and Tiny, share is one of the many things that endears them to us. They, like the rest of us, have certainly experienced both highs and lows in their lives. They’ve even engaged in full-blown fights in front of the camera, broadcast live on national television for the entire world to see. But there is one thing that they won’t do, and that is to allow random people to come at their partner in a hostile manner without putting up a united front to defend each other.

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This is the situation that Tip and Tiny are in right about now, as a result of fans discovering a new photo of Tiny and her family participating in an event that was supposed to be a happy occasion. However, ever since they saw the new picture of the Xscape singer, fans have been sharing their thoughts about Tiny’s most recent physique all over social media…

T.I. has recently made the decision to stand up for his wife, and as part of this process, he has taken aim at anyone who has been critical of his rock-solid partner in life and business. Take a look at the picture…
The photo of the family that everyone seems to be talking about is up top. As you can see, this was supposed to be a fun family outing, but instead, the Harris family chose to make a public statement that they will not relent in their boycott of Gucci because of the brand’s racist merchandise by stepping out in a full outfit from Fendi.

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However, after Tiny’s larger ba-donk-a-donk distracted their fans on social media, that message was no longer communicated to them. As soon as T.I. shared the photo, fans descended in droves on his Instagram page to leave comments and feedback about Tiny.

Some of Tiny’s devoted followers went straight for the throat with their criticism…

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