Will Smith and Jada once fought about their personal lives. Will yelled at Jada over her decisions. Will was tired of Jada making decisions without informing him and wanted to stop it.

Will shouted, “You can’t make decisions without thinking about our family.” “I’m sick of your selfishness!”

Will’s reaction shocked Jada. He was furious. He was right, but she wouldn’t admit it.

Jada apologised to Will. “That was the finest choice for us.”

“That may be true, but we’re a team,” Will said calmly but firmly. “We collaborate on decisions. I won’t let you decide without my input.”

Jada saw Will was right. She forgot they were together since she was so concentrated on her own ideas.

“You’re right, Will,” Jada admitted. “I should have told you first. Sorry.”

Will nodded. “I forgive Jada. This needs work. We’re partners and must decide together.”

Jada smiled, relieved Will would cooperate with her. Hugging eased their strain.

Jada began consulting Will before making significant decisions. Will enjoyed participating. They learnt that communication and compromise were crucial to a happy marriage and determined to put their union first.

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