Dan and Wendy had been together for five years, and throughout that time, they had developed into the model of a healthy and happy relationship. They had first come into contact with one another in college, where they were both students of literature, and they had gotten along famously right away. They first met one another because of their mutual enthusiasm for reading and for living, and ever since then, they have not been able to live without one another.

Dan was pursuing a career in writing, while Wendy was working as a freelance editor. They collaborated on a wide variety of projects frequently and enjoyed spending time with one another immensely. They kept to a close-knit group of friends, and they enjoyed spending quiet evenings together at home with a nice book and a bottle of wine.

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One day, they came to the conclusion that the best way to remember the stunning day was to take a walk in the park and take some photographs. Under the cherry blossom tree, they posed for a picture with Wendy’s head resting on Dan’s shoulder and Dan’s arm wrapped around her waist. Even though it was a picture-perfect moment, they didn’t give it any thought.

Yet, a few days later, their photo started to spread like wildfire across the internet. They were completely perplexed as to why their seemingly insignificant shot had received so much attention. Others were remarking on how stunning they looked in each other’s company and how they were the quintessential example of what it meant to be a “couple goals.”

They were moved by the warm responses, but they had no idea why their photo had gone viral in the first place. That was before they read one comment that completely shifted their perspective.

A young woman had written a comment on their photo, stating that until she saw their picture, she had given up all hope of ever meeting someone who could truly love her. She claimed that the shot shone with their love for one another, which gave her faith that genuine love could still be found in the world.

Both Dan and Wendy were overcome with a variety of feelings. They were unaware that the love that they shared may motivate another person. They had never before considered themselves to be anything more than a typical couple, but after hearing that comment, they understood that they were unique in some manner.

They made the decision then and there to communicate their love to the rest of the world. They began a blog that they both contributed to together, in which they discussed their shared passion for writing as well as their travels and development as a couple. They were so in love that they even published a book about it, which went on to become a New York Times bestseller.

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Not only had the young woman who had written the comment been inspired by Dan and Wendy’s love, but millions of people all around the world had been inspired by it as well. They were no longer considered a typical pair once they gained the reputation of being the ones who rethought love in its entirety. They were remarkable in every way.

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