There are times when people do not want their wedding to be broadcast to the entire globe. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to fall into the category of people who don’t want to share.

In order to avoid the scrutiny of the public, many famous people choose to have their weddings held behind closed doors. This is one extreme measure they take to evade the press.

These are the nuptials that have been kept a secret, ladies and gentlemen.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

Two months after her younger fiancee Tom Kaulitz (of Tokio Hotel) proposed to her with a ring, the two of them secretly tied the knot.

They were able to obtain the certificate of marriage, and voilà! They had tied the knot.

Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman

Due to the extreme secrecy surrounding Kravitz and Glusman’s wedding, for some time, we were unable to ascertain the exact day on which it took place.

We are only aware that it took place in 2019 and that they may have future plans for a ceremony that is more in keeping with traditional norms.

Hilary Swank and Philip Schneider

Over the weekend of August 18th, 2018, Hilary Swank tied the knot with businessman Philip Schneider.

The two of them tied the knot in private amidst a grove of trees that was estimated to be around 800 years old. Mariska Hargitay served as the maid of honour for her wedding.

Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum

In 2018, Michelle Williams tied the knot with the musician Phil Elverum in a low-key ceremony.

Only a few of their very close friends were permitted to attend the party, in addition to the host and hostess, as well as the couple’s two daughters.

The singers Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

In a wedding that took everyone by surprise in 2019, the Queen of the North and the King of Kids Pop tied the knot.

It was a chance encounter in Las Vegas that led to a marriage that has lasted a lifetime.

The Ceras, Michael and Nadine

It came as a complete surprise to learn that Michael Cera had tied the knot with Nadine, his long-term lover.

It would appear that there are rumblings circulating that they have been married since the year 2017. (we found out in 2018).

Ellen Page and Emma Portner

The fact that Ellen Page and her boyfriend had gotten married was not brought to our attention until the 3rd of January, 2018, when she posted about it on Instagram.

That comes as quite a shock, that’s for sure!

Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie are the actors.
The two people first got together in 2013, and after dating for three years, they made the decision to be married.

In the month of December in 2016, the two of them tied the knot in a private ceremony on the continent with the highest reputation for secrecy: Australia.

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