Despite hosting several shows and running a business, Nick Cannon has eight children. The delighted father has stated his wish to have as many children as he can afford and that he always prioritises them and their mothers.

Nick had his 8th child with Bre Tiesi earlier this year. On his talk programme, he said he’d like to raise that number to 10, but he’ll take as many as he can afford and be there for. He recently intimated that not all his baby mothers get along, but none have accused him of negligence or being a deadbeat father. Nick says he’s delighted they respect him and let their kids play.

Based on their names, he seems to desire his kids to work in show industry. Mariah calls Nick’s children Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon Dem Baby or Roc and Roe. Golden and Mighty Queen Cannon are Nick and Brittany Bell’s children. He had Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian Cannon with Abby De La Rosa in 2021. His late son Zen S. Cannon was born the same month as the twins. Its name is unknown.

Nick says he still dates his kids’ mothers. The former adolescent star emphasises that his goals are to provide for his children. Despite his denial, Nick Cannon’s children were still thought to be accidental. After having four children in four months, Nick Cannon defended himself to City Girls last year. The comedian called himself “a seahorse” but said nothing was accidental. Nick says he and their mothers chose all his children. If he was irresponsible, he could have gotten more women pregnant.

Nick’s career and babymaking are both hectic. Nick Cannon hosts Wild N’ Out, The Masked Singer, and his LA radio show. He released a Mariah Carey-sampled Valentine’s Day song. San Diego will host the first Wild N’ Out sports bar.

Most people remember Cannon starting in comedy on Nickelodeon’s All That before getting his own show. He has been performing tiny comedy events nationwide. He laughs about his kids, according to witnesses. He jokes that he gave each of his children their own mother.
With so many kids, Nick must stay active. He pays about 1.2 million in child support. He posts Christmas and birthday photos frequently. Golden had a huge Black Panther-themed 5th birthday celebration with dad Nick.

Nick has announced he will slow down on kids. He told Angela Yee on his talk show that starting the new show after learning he was expecting kid #8 and that baby Zen had cancer was difficult. To find tranquilly, he remained celibate for 2021. He told therapist Laura Berman he had no more room for kids. Nick believes he owes his present children and their mothers his whole attention before expanding again.

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